mardi 17 avril 2007

TV journal #5

I learned lots of new things when I watched this show. I learned how to make fire with only two pieces of wood, how to build a shelter in a wild country with no tools. I suggest this TV show to everybody because this show is very interesting and year after year the challenges are different, the personality of all the new participants are very different and you always discover a new land because each year the show is in a different country all over the World. I think this show is very good to learn English because there is a lot of talking when the participants are trying to design a strategy and, you can listento lots of different accents because the survivors come from lots of different States.

mardi 20 mars 2007

TV journal assignment #4

My name is Hunter and I’m a member of the Maraamu tribes on this fourth season of Survivor. This morning, on day seven, when I woke up, I was very frustrated about the last tribal council. I was very upset because Patricia was voted out at this council. Patricia worked very hard to build the shelter and find food for the tribe and during this time, Boston Rob, Sean and Sarah didn’t work and take a sun bathing. Later, I would like to go fishing to find food for the tribe because if I’m the only one who catches fish I’m sure to spend lots of days in this big adventure.

mardi 20 février 2007

survivor episode 2

Journal assignment #2

In the second episode of Survivor, Marquesas Islands, Kathy found lots of sea foods under the rock of the beach for the Rutu tribe. During that time in Maraamu tribes, Patricia started to complain about the work of Sean and Rob and she tried to be the leader of the tribe. The reward challenge was a race. Under the sea each tribe had a boat that was full of rocks. The survivor had to empty his own boat and race with it to the beach. The winning team won a fishing kit that would be very useful for the future. The Rutu tribe had no problems to win this challenge and won the fishing kit. The next day for the immunity challenge, the two tribes had to eat a kind of nasty food called a fafaru. The fafaru was made with different fish parts, crabs legs, lobster legs and was marinated on rocks with sea water for three days in the sun. All people of the two tribes ate one piece so we had a tie-break. Neleh just beat Rob and the Rutu tribe won their fourth challenge in a row. At the tribal council, Patricia talked a lot and was voted out by the other people of the tribe.
if you would like to see fafaru click on this

mardi 6 février 2007

TV journal assignment #1

My TV journal will be on Survivor Season 4, Marquesas Island. I chose this TV program because it’s very interesting to see how the participants would survive in a wild island. This program has a lot of discussion about strategy because strategy is the key to survive on the island. I saw the 3 other seasons and I learned lots of language because the participant speak fast and sometimes it’s not very clearly. Each season has sixteen participants separated into two tribes. This year the Rotu tribe would be: Kathy a real estate agent, Gabriel a bartender, Tammy a crime reporter, Paschal a judge, John a registered nurse, Neleh a student, Zoe a fishing boat captain and Robert a limousine driver. The Maraamu tribes will be form with: Gina a nature guide, Sean a teacher, Sarah an account manager, Rob a construction worker, Vecepia an office manager, Peter a bowling alley owner, Patricia a truck assembler and Hunter a federal express pilot. The two tribes will be dropped in an island with only two machetes, two cooking pots, two empty water contenders, one fry pan, one knife and one magnified glass. Every three day the two tribes have a challenge and the losing tribes votes one member of there tribe out. After 24 days the two tribes merge in to one and it’s the start of individual challenges. If someone wins the challenge, he has immunity and can't be voted off the next tribute council. After 49 days the sole survivor wins $1 000 000 the second wins $100 000.